I went to the S.C.C. Baseball Camps Indoor Hitting Clinics way back when I was a player. Now I recommend them to anyone who will listen; and as a dad & coach, I can say it’s only gotten better with time. I’ve taken my son (now 10 years old) the last two seasons to both the week-long summer camps and indoor winter hitting clinics. He loves it and is excited to go back each year. From a baseball standpoint, it’s great fundamental instruction, multiple stations and drills to keep them moving and engaged, and good for all skill levels. I like to go and steal drills to help the Little League and travel ball teams I coach. From a dad’s standpoint, the kids genuinely have fun, get to meet new friends from all over, and enjoy the coaching. If you can, try and go the day they do the video hitting analysis, so you can reinforce what they are being taught when you are working with them at home. The amount of reps and quality instruction for the price is well worth it. I recommend it to all the parents of kids I coach. - Jason W. (Benicia, CA)